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Saturday, 4 February 2017

9 Country border images that will make you say wow!

Whenever we think of any country border, we usually create an image of a place full of Soldiers; Stretched steel fences with razor sharp wires to prevent anybody from crossing it. 

But that picture is not true for everywhere. There are certain places in our Earth which would change the image of a country border in your mind. Here are some of them. 

9. Epupa falls


First, Epupa falls, the border between Angola and Namibia. 


8. Mont Dolent


Lies on the border of Switzerland, France and Italy, making it a border itself. But a beautiful one!


7. Maekong River


This river forms a border between Myanmar-Laos and Laos-Cambodia.


6. Shyok River

Apart from the dangerous side of the border, there is a beautiful side too between India and Pakistan. 


5. Mount Everest


Mount Everest, world's highest mountain, stands as a border between China and Nepal.


4. Iddefjord


The border which separates Bohuslan and Halden. (Swedish~Norwegian border)

3. Iguazu falls 


It is a waterfall on the river Iguazu which serves as a border between Argentina and Brazil.

2. Ban Gioc-Detian falls


The waterfall on the Quay San river which serves as a border between China and Vietnam.


1. Mount Roraima


Also known as Tepuy Roraima and Cerrio Roraima, is the highest of the Pakaraima chain in South America. This Mountain serves as a three-way border point for Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana.


Do these images looks like a border to you? ;)

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